Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Build-A-Luge ice luge kits and LED lights reusable
Yes, the Build-A-Luge Ice Luge Kit's ice block molds, trough, and lights are all completely reusable.

How long does it take for the ice luge to freeze?
Ice blocks usually take 1-2 days to freeze. If you’re not going to purchase additional ice block molds, allow enough freezing time for 3 blocks.

Can I reduce freezing time?
Yes! If you’re running short on time, fill the ice block mold with ice cubes and water.

How long does the ice luge last for?
Your ice luge will typically last 2-3 hours, depending on multiple factors. Things to consider are: room temperature, whether or not the alcohol being poured down is already cold, etc. If you predict that the party will last longer, make additional ice blocks ahead of time so the melting ones can be replaced.

How much freezer space will the ice blocks occupy?
Not much. The ice block mold measures: 13.5” x 4.5” x 4.5”

How long is the Build-A-Luge trough?
The finished Build-A-Luge Ice Luge Kit will measure out to about 39”

Can I add food coloring or foreign objects to the ice luge?
Absolutely! Adding food coloring to the water before freezing is a great way to symbolize the theme of your party. For example, mixing water and orange food coloring will yield orange ice blocks—perfect for Halloween parties (especially when illuminated!)

Can I travel with my Build-A-Luge Ice Luge Kit?
Build-A-Luge Ice Luge Kit is 100% portable. When the trough legs are folded, Build-A-Luge takes up virtually no space. If you want to freeze the ice blocks at home and bring them to a friend’s party, pack them in a cooler bag.ow do I ask a question?