*Helpful Hints*

Use “DISTILLED” water for best results! (1 Gallon = 1 Ice Block)

*** CHILLING BEVERAGES*** prior to use drastically improves performance of the luge!

Freeze blocks as cold as possible once removed from mold. This will bring the internal temperature of the ice far below freezing and the blocks will melt much slower.

It’s always a good idea to have at least 3 blocks ready, or 6 blocks for longer events.

Standard Ice Block Mold Fill Instructions

Fill the mold 80% of the way to the water fill line. Let it freeze.

A final skim coat of water is added up to the fill line. Use ice water to prevent cracking.

Each ice block is exactly 1 gallon of water.

This process forms properly shaped blocks. Any excessive ice bulges to the block can be removed by chipping them away to produce a flat bottom.


Run used blocks under warm water to rinse them off. Then place them in the mold. Add water until they begin to float. Let Freeze. Add a final layer of ice water up to fill line. This is the easiest and fastest way to make ice blocks. If you only have one mold store the other used blocks and refreeze them one at a time.


Fill the mold with ice cubes.

Add water keeping the ice cubes below the fill line. (Let Freeze)

Once frozen add water up to the fill line. (This ensures the block will have a level surface)

*Ice Block Removal Instructions*

Allow the mold to sit upside down on a towel for 20- 25 minutes at room temperature.

*Ice Luge Assembly Instructions*

Beginning at the bottom of the trough insert the ice block with the V groove facing up.

Carefully place the second block in the above location; again with the V groove facing up. (Take care to align the V grooves of the adjoining blocks)

Last add the 3rd and final block to the top location following the same precautions as performed with the other 2 blocks.

You may have to switch blocks around to fit if your freezer is not perfectly level.

If you accidentally freeze a block taller than the others its best to use it as the first block.

Build-A-Luge would like to congratulate you on building your first of many luges! Please enjoy your luge responsibly!

Feel free to upload and tag pictures of your Build-A-Luge kit in action!