Worlds Best Reusable Ice Luge Kit

Never pay for another ice luge again! Use Build-A-Luge Ice Luge Kit’s durable molds to create reusable, full scale ice luges in the convenience of your own standard freezer. Just fill the molds with water, freeze, and place ice blocks on the ice luge trough– Let the shots do the rest! Extremely portable and always a party hit, the Build-A-Luge reusable ice luge will pay for itself after the first use!

Build-A-Luge is manufactured in the USA and uses low temp, FDA approved, food grade polypropylene.

Vision and Mission

The vision for the Build-A-Luge is to gain a competitive advantage in the manufacturing and delivering of reusable, full-scale ice luge kits to party hosts, tailgaters, and anyone else that enjoys chilled alcohol. Our product design is unique in the party supplies market and offers superior advantages to the alternatives.

Currently, party hosts interested in full scale ice luges are forced to call ice houses a week in advance to order a 100+ pound block of ice for a minimum of $250. There’s also an additional inconvenience of having to personally pick it up. The mission for the Build-A-Luge Ice Luge Kit is to make ice-luges easily attainable for party hosts. For a one-time fee, our customers will have the ability to produce an infinite amount of novelty ice-luges in a their home’s standard freezer.


Build-A-Luge is focused on enhancing the community’s party experience. The ice luge kits offer the same benefits as company built ice-luges, but at a one time affordable payment allowing for a lifetime of ice-luges to be built. Customers are our number one priority, and we’re therefore dedicated to equipping them with the best quality ice luge kits available.

Product Features:

Full scale
Chills shots thoroughly
Towers over competitor’s products
Freezes at home in a standard freezer

Build-a-luge - The world’s best reusable ice luge.
— Anonymous